My vaping setup

Hi guys,

After way too many approaches and requests around my vaping gear, I decided to create this page to share my current setup.

As promised, below are the links to my current vaping setup.  A quick word about consistency. What do smokers get every time they smoke a cigarette?

  1. Approximately the same amount of nicotine
  2. Approximately the same amount of smoke
  3. Approximately the same amount of drags
  4. The same smell
  5. The same taste
  6. The same feeling of satisfaction

Every time…

And this is why vaping small, medium and large e-cigs was not cutting it for me. As the batteries in e-cigs drain, the less vapour and nicotine are delivered making the experience inconsistent, setting me up for failure. Once I realised this, I started searching for different setups that have the consistency my brain and body were used to with cigarettes. And that’s what I have achieved with my current setup.

The Mod

A mod in vaping lingo is essentially the battery. What’s so special about the HanaModz mod is a chip called DNA 3 that regulates and delivers power consistently just like a cigarette would do.

Mod (the red one):

For other countries other than the UK, search your shop in

The atomizer

The atomizer is the part that produces vapour and delivers the nicotine. The Kayfun atomizer is really simple to maintain and that’s why I have it.

Atomizer: – The base atomizer – The long tank to hold more juice. You’ll need it, these atomizers drink a lot of e-juice – The long chimney for the long tank

For people outside the UK, contact Svoemesto directly so find a supplier near you on their website

To learn how to setup these atomizers, these videos were really useful to me: I would start with the navy nest coil.

Coil materials

To make the Kayfun work, you need to coil it.

You can get your own rebuild able materials at: – Get the 0.25mm and 0.32mm – Get the 3mm one


It can become really cheap to vape is you mix your own e-juice. And safer, if you ask me, because you get to choose the ingredients for the mix.

Bases for the e-juice at: – Vegetable Glycerine is my favourite. Base to e-juice. A lot of people are allergic to PG and it produces more vapour. I would get at least 2 tubs – Nicotine, essential ingredient to all smokers. I would get the 50ml one to start with– If you’re into flavours, try a couple. Personally, I only vape VG and Nicotine but sometimes it may be nice to vary – Syringes to mix the ingredients AND put the e-liquid in the atomizer – Bottles to store the ejuice.

A popular e-juice calculator is at

And a video to learn how to mix e-juices:

That’s all for now folks. If you have any doubts, do give me a shout.

Hope this helps 🙂