Night 9

The John Lewis pillows arrived yesterday and I chose the harder pillow to start with. Far too tall and stiff. Not for me.

Previous steps: The John Lewis pillow was not that shallow at all. Hopefully the soft pillow will work better

Next steps: Try soft John Lewis pillow

Night 8

Humm, not such a restful night again. Woke up with my back aching. I think it’s the dip in the mattress. Luckily we bought a new mattress that should arrive in the next 3 weeks. Hopefully this will sort my back issues.

Previous steps: Did maintain the correct head position, but very hard to accomplish. Ended up sleeping on my side before having to get up.

Next steps: Sleep with a shallower pillow. See if the lack of support on the sides will force the head to keep straight.

Night 7

Back to not such great nights. Ended up sleeping on my side and belly for part of the night. However, I also noted it was very easy now to just get back on my back and sleep restfully.

Previous steps: Head all over the place. Adding the same goal to tonight.

Next steps: Maintain my head straight instead of turning my face to one of the sides, at least until I’m used to this

Night 6

Best night so far. Always on my back and robust sleep. It’s also a Saturday, so nice to just keep sleeping without having to worry about waking up. Advantages so far:

  • Much more relaxed shoulders, like seriously relaxed
  • Facial cream stays in the face instead of the pillow
  • Minoxidil stays in the hair and I’m not rubbing my face on it throughout the night
  • Looks easy to wear a sleeping mask when staying in hotels, hospital beds, etc..
  • Could be useful to use a lucid dreaming mask
  • Not as much sleep in the eyes when waking up
  • Better morning breath. Seriously

Cons so far:

  • Not very easy to keep on my back without being tempted to turn to the side and my belly. I hope I’ll get used to it
  • Don’t really realize when I’m about to sleep. I just start having meta dreams
  • Gas seems to be trapped when I sleep on my back. This never happened when sleeping on my front

Previous steps: Managed to keep sleeping on my front

Next steps: Maintain my head straight instead of turning my face to one of the sides.

Night 5

Continued using a thicker pillow. Not such a great night sleep. Turned to my side for a bit. Next thing and I’m sleeping on my front. It was hard to go back to sleeping on my back. I can see some advantages to this sleeping position, however. With all the motorbike riding, my face gets dry and I need moisturizer. Sleeping on my back means the cream doesn’t end up in the pillow. I woke up with a much better looking face skin. I can also imagine myself wearing a sleeping mask or lucid dreaming mask comfortably.

Previous steps: Bought the 2 pillows from John Lewis

Next steps: Don’t allow myself to sleep on the side. It’s too tempting to roll and sleep on my front

Night 4

Tried a taller pillow. Worked better. Turned to my side multiple times. Slept OK. Feeling sleepy.

Previous steps: I saw 2 pillows online at John Lewis that seemed good for this experiment. Going to get a soft/medium pillow and a medium/hard pillow

Next steps: Buy pillows online from John Lewis

Night 3

Woke up multiple times and slept on my side for a bit. Woke up relaxed but not very rested.

Previous steps: There are pillows for sale for people who sleep on their backs at John Lewis.

Next steps: I’m buying a new pillow and see if it supports my head better. Hopefully it’ll be less tempting to sleep on my side. Every time I’m on my side, it’s very tempting to turn again and sleep on my front.

Night 2

Not a bad night, but I did wake up a few times. It seems to be easier to wake up when belly up. It makes a huge difference on my shoulders though. Much more relaxed. I can also get out of bed faster.

Previous steps: I did monitor my position when waking up in the middle of the night and managed to keep my back on the bed most of the time. Sometimes I fell asleep on the side but always returning later to my back on the bed. I used a fluffier pillow to support the head. Better and easier to maintain the back in bed position.

Next steps: Find a fluffier pillow to support the head.

Night 1

I want to sleep on my back because I read in a couple of credible medical texts this is the best position for the back and shoulders. With so much motorbike riding, my back does need some rest and my shoulders are often tense and/or aching. This is certainly worth a try.

First nigh falling asleep on my back. It looks like I fell asleep without knowing. I only noticed I was sleeping when my wife came to bed. Can’t really remember in what position I woke up in.

Next steps: Register if I woke up sleeping on my back or not